Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is

ReachBy is a refreshingly simple way to blog and collaborate. Streams let you join forces with friends, coworkers, or anyone who cares to contribute. You can start a Stream and become a Head Writer.

The Head Writer of a Stream can blog per the usual. They can also edit content contributions and select what does and doesn't get published to their Stream.

2. What is a Stream?

A ReachBy Stream is a new type of interactive blog that makes blogging a very simple and quick process. ReStreaming is a fun new feature found on ReachBy Streams.

All Streams have social widgets — so you and your readers can easily share posts to social media and bookmarking sites. Streams also let you use icon buttons to link to your Twitter, Facebook, website, or other blogs.

Friends, coworkers, readers, or anyone can contribute to a Stream by submitting posts and pictures.

3. What is ReStreaming?

ReStreaming is a dynamic new feature that makes a Stream very different from other blog platforms.

ReStreaming lets you share someone else's blog post on your own Stream. It's the ReachBy way of giving the post a good vote, a thumbs up, or retweet. If you're signed into your ReachBy account, all you have to do is click the orange "ReStream" button on any post. You can delete them from your Stream if you need to.

ReStreaming helps good posts to get seen and shared by the ReachBy community. It adds new content to your Stream and diversifies the mix. Plus, by ReStreaming other people's posts, you might make some new friends who will return the favor.

ReStreaming is different from the sorts of buttons and widgets that let you post a link (to that page) on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

It's basic blogging made more dynamic and collaborative.

4. What's a Head Writer?

A Head Writer is the blogger in charge of a Stream. Head Writers can lead discussions and share news, thoughts, pictures, stories, videos, reviews, and opinions.

Anyone can start a Stream and become a Head Writer. The Head Writer of a Stream can edit reader contributions and select what does and doesn't get published.

5. How do I add links to my other social media accounts?

Easy. Visit Publishing > Options > Connect in your ReachBy account. Paste the links to the sites you want to add icons to — and that's it. We will take care of the rest by adding some nice icons to your profile.

6. What kind of people use ReachBy?

There's a good mix of people on the site and everyone seems to use ReachBy in their own way. When you join, we hope you will read and contribute to other Streams — respectfully.

You're welcome to start a Stream on any subject, so long as the content isn't offensive, isn't SEO spam, or otherwise breaks our Terms.

7. Okay, sounds cool. How do I get started?

Well, first you go and sign up. Once you click around a bit in the Publishing area, you'll see it's pretty easy to use.

Publishing a post is similar to writing an email. Reading a Stream is just like visiting a blog.

Try writing some posts and publishing them. Then try ReStreaming. Reading and commenting on other Streams will encourage people to visit yours. Tell your friends about what you're doing on ReachBy, and invite them to contribute with their own posts or pictures.

If you need more help, check out the Team Stream and Help Stream.

8. I used to use ReachBy for a contact page. Can I still do that?

Sure thing. The first version of ReachBy was a popular way to create an online contact page. The new ReachBy is a flexible platform that lets you create 2 different types of websites (found under Publishing > Options > Main).

  1. A Publishing Stream
  2. A Contact Page

If you create a contact page, your Stream will have an area where you can leave a message about yourself — who you are, what you do, your web links, pics, whatever — with a contact form for people to send you a message.

This way, people can learn about you and contact you, but you don't have to give out your email address.

9. What makes a ReachBy Stream different from a blog?

ReachBy allows for more interwoven and coherent conversations. It's more interactive because anyone can contribute content to your Stream. More importantly, our ReStream feature makes Streams more dynamic and sharable than other blogs.

Every post has icons pre-built into it for sharing your posts on Digg, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites. You can also add buttons to promote your own sites or Twitter and Facebook accounts.

ReachBy can be used in many different ways — blogging per the standard, running a forum, covering local events, sharing news, creating photo journals, and much more. Explore and find out.

This way, people can learn about you and contact you — and you don't have to give out your email address.

10. If I sign up, what exactly do I get?

You get a simple and collaborative way to blog with a complete ready-to-use set of features not found elsewhere.

  • Simple online presence
  • An easy and fast way to blog
  • An RSS feed so readers can subscribe to your posts
  • An online contact form for Guest post submissions
  • Built-in widgets to promote your content across social media accounts
  • The ability to ReStream posts and have your posts ReStreamed
  • Running ads from your own Google AdSense account

You can also personalize your Stream with markup tags. You also get the right to accept, manage, and edit content contributions submitted to your Stream.

11. What are ReachBy's policies on security and privacy?

ReachBy takes your security and privacy very seriously. That's why we don't even require an email for a user to create an account. It's also the reason why readers don't need to create an account to contribute to a ReachBy Stream. (You DO need an account to ReSteam.)

For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

12. Why are you doing this? Why is it free?

ReachBy was created by a team of Web enthusiasts that wanted to deliver a free, innovative Web service for personalized communications. We also wanted it to be very interactive. So to do that, we've given Head Writers the ability use content contributions from friends and readers and created the ReStream functionality.

It''s free, because we place ads on some of the main pages. Also, for a reasonable fee, we will promote featured Streams on the homepage. These things help us to cover our costs and allow the project to grow.

Please note: We don't place our ads on your content. We didn't want ads to prevent people from using our service, so with ReachBy, you can keep your Stream completely ad-free. Or, you can use Google AdSense to place your own ads on your Stream.

13. I can run ads on my Stream?

Yes. We thought people might be more inclined to contribute and develop content if they had the opportunity to make an extra buck or two from advertising, so we let people place their own ads on their Streams.

We'll show you how to set up an AdSense account and everything is in your name. We can't touch a penny of your profit.

14. How do I know when users post messages to my Stream?

There's two ways to find out:

  1. Provide an email address and ReachBy will send you a notification.
  2. Check new posts at Publishing > All Posts, when you're signed in to your account.

You can also see comments posted to your messages at Publishing > Comments.

15. Why don't you require an email address to register on ReachBy?

At ReachBy, we believe your privacy belongs to you. So if you'd like to start an anonymous Stream, that's fine with us, as long as you don't violate our Terms of Service.

Just be warned: if you don't provide an email address, then in the event that you ever lose your username or password — we'll be without a secure way to send you a message. Therefore, won't be able to help you to recover your login credentials. Keep this in mind.

You can always create a new Stream, but unfortunately, you won't be able to access any of the content from your old Stream.

16. Where can I find more information and get help with my Stream?

Start with the Team Stream. It covers the basics and gives some background, so it's a good place to start.

Then make sure to visit the Help Stream — it's a forum where ReachBy users ask questions and exchange ideas.