You've got a ReachBy Stream! But you're wondering where to get started? It's all here.

Quick Start Guide

ReachBy is an easy way to blog and collaborate. These are just the basics, but they will help you to be well on your way. Have fun and make sure to visit the Help Stream.

1. Check out the ReachBy home page

See what others are doing with their Streams.

2. Visit your dashboard

It's found under the Publishing > Dashboard tab. Use shortcut icons to quickly compose a new post, view all posts, or configure your Stream settings.

3. Configure your Stream settings

Go to Publishing > Options. Write a headline and intro for your Stream, upload a picture, and customize your Stream by adjusting other settings. You can decide between publishing a Stream and creating a simple contact page.

4. Compose a new post

Just click on the Compose tab located under the Publishing. Simply write your post (and upload a picture, if you like) and click Publish. It will be published to your Stream. Not sure yet? Just save it. To get back to this post, use All Posts tab.

5. ReStream

Look around ReachBy website and visit posts published by other bloggers. Note the orange ReStream button. Click this button and that blog post will appear on your ReachBy Stream.

6. Share your Stream with friends

Let your friends know that you've started a new Stream and invite them to check it out.

7. Read, edit, and publish posts

Visit the All Posts tab under Publishing and you can read and edit posts your friends and readers sent you, then publish them to your Stream.

8. Read and publish comments

Visit the Comments tab under Publishing. You can view and publish comments made by other people on your Stream posts.

Get More Help

Have a question or looking for a useful tip? Check out the Help Stream — it's a forum where ReachBy users ask questions and exchange ideas.

Read our FAQ section to learn more about ReachBy.

Found a bug or seeing a glitch? Report a bug.

Have a comment or feedback? Tell us what you think.

See violations of use or inappropriate content? Report abuse.